Passion for precision

Nammo Lapua Oy from Finland is the proud manufacturer of what many experienced shooters believe to be the finest ammunition you can buy. You don’t get a reputation like that without hard work, dedication and a passion for precision and consistency, the factors that deliver match-winning accuracy every time.


On the range.
A brand that needs no introduction amongst marksman who demand high quality. Lapua has a world class reputation for being the best without compromise across its range of products for both centrefire and rimfire ammunition and has been dominating global major sporting events for decades.


The trademark blue and white box in your range bag means you’re here to win.
For the sportsman who requires customised loads then Lapua cover that too with its range of uncompromising components made from best quality drawn brass batched and topped with the Lapua manufactured bullets you’ve all come to trust through performance.


In the field.
Hunters also benefit from their dedication to combining optimised components that work in harmony for ultimate results in the field. Lapua have developed a range of Hunting ammunition using the same manufacturing and quality control processes but possibly still best known for its pioneering work with the modern call for lead free ammunition under the Naturalis brand.

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So how do they achieve these fantastic results?

The secret comes in two parts.

  • Firstly, they never ever compromise on quality. Every raw material must meet their stringent requirements or they simply won’t touch it. For example, the brass used to make their universally admired cases is the highest quality available and nothing else will do.
  • Secondly, they manufacture in small batches. This means that quality can be monitored consistently so that no sub-standard components can find their way to final production. No compromise is ever tolerated when it comes to quality control. Further, each component, case, primer, powder and bullet is optimised to work in perfect harmony with the others, to maximise the final performance.

Of course, all this additional attention takes time and time equals money, so Lapua factory loaded ammo and components are not cheap, but the best products never are.It’s been said by many that Lapua factory ammo is the finest at any price and their results in competition back that up for all to see.

As in any serious sport, those seeking the very best performance leave no stone unturned when it comes to looking for an advantage, which is why many dedicated shooters choose to load their own cartridges.


To make the most of this hard work, choosing the finest components is vital and Lapua cases have a worldwide reputation as the very best you can buy. Their consistency and durability are legendary. They’re not designed to be fired once and discarded. The designers know that nobody leaves a Lapua case on the ground and that they will be reloaded many times, so this is considered right from the start to ensure great performance over and over again.


Lead-free hunting bullets

Lapua was one of the true early pioneers of lead-free hunting bullets with its impressive Naturalis range that has gone on to earn a fantastic reputation of its own.


In many countries, the use of lead core hunting bullets has been banned and it looks likely that will spread in the future around the globe. So, knowing that Lapua can offer bullets and factory loaded, lead-free cartridges with top-class ballistics and terminal performance is greatly reassuring. The Naturalis bullets deliver clean, ethical kills, while leaving no lead in the meat or the countryside and surely this is the future of hunting ammunition. 


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When you consider all the time and money you’ll invest in preparing for the hunt of a life time, or an important competition, surely it makes sense to take the very best ammo you can find. Missing, or worse still wounding because your ammo lets you down just makes no sense. Lapua offers factory loaded ammo and components from the humble .222 all the way up to the legendary .338 Lapua Magnum, so there’s sure to be something to suit the needs of every shooter.


If you’re somebody with a passion for precision and ultimate performance, you owe it to yourself to see what Lapua can offer you today.

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